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Saturday, May 26th 1:00-2:00PM |
 101 N. Irwin St, Hanford, CA - Second Floor Conference Room

Wild Idea:  Rent your house out and buy a better and bigger home
pay as little as $1000 mortgage payment on a $200,000 loan.

We will look at actual samples of how the plan can work
 There 100% loan programs that might make you a real estate investor.

Come to the meeting-learn about some of the options you have to be part of the upward swing of the real estate housing market.

Home pricing have started to rise in the Kings County Market

This month I sold as a real estate agent, a home for $274,000 dollars. The highest home sold in the 93230 zip code for a tract home.  I could have sold it for far more money, but could not get it appraised at the amount of several offers.  The market has changed and I have some insights I would like to share with you. TOPIC: It is time to buy rental homes?

History of  Club Meeting Topics


Thursday, May 3rd | Now is the time to buy rental houses 


Thursday, January, 6th |  Property Tax Reduction.  When to file.  Rules to follow when presenting a case to appeal assessment.

Thursday, February, 3rd | Report on REDC Auction - Hard Money Lenders - RE trends

Tuesday, March, 1st | Back to Tuesdays - Speaker from Lender Resources Mortgage Company.  
   Review of Books that I recommend to read.  Foreclosure Lists.

Tuesday, April 5th | Hard money lenders -   Where are they, and how much do they cost?

Tuesday, May 10th | City of Hanford Loan Assistance for Buyers, Representative from city to present the program.  
        A member of the club who received a $100,000 property tax reduction will be also be 

Thursday, June 9th | Property management- Why use a professional  management company vs self management.

Thursday, May 10th | Short Meeting - Discuss how to attract new members and broaden our base.  Should we hold more educational meetings?  
 How to read cap rate sheets on listings and discount rate sheets from mortgage brokers.

Thursday, August 11th | Double Dip - What does that mean?  Is it time to participate in long term investing?  How will the bank respond?
 Second topic: Time management.

Thursday, September 8th | Meeting canceled - The Ledbetter & Durfee Group Inc. will have a booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
  Apartment Owners Association booth 213

Thursday, October 6th | Closed - Attending another event.


Tuesday, September 7th | 
Real Estate Auctions by REDC

Tuesday, October 5th | Results of REDC Auctions, information gathered from Assessor's office on past REO sales.

Tuesday, November 2nd | Meeting topic - People are making money flipping homes, will share information.
     Which REO banks will work with you?

Monday, December 6th | Thursday           Credit Repair- How to read your credit report- What you can do to fix mistakes-how to
                                                        improve your credit score

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